David Keyes

Who I Am


I am Dave Keyes, a graduate of Asheville High School, the Class of 1973. I wanted to host and create this website so that other computer hobbists would have a place to gleam some information.




I am currently retired.



  • From June 1972 to Aug 1972, I worked at the KFC on Patton Ave
  • From Feb 1973 to March 1973, I worked at the Iron Gate on Tunnel Road
  • From April 1973, I worked at Dennis' Delicatessen on Merrimon Ave
  • Aug 1973, I moved to Fountain Inn, SC to work for Dan River's Beattie Plant cotton mill
  • Jan of 1976, I went into the U.S. Air Force
  • Apr 1976 I was stationed at Shaw AFB, in the 363rd Supply Squadron
  • Oct 1980, I was stationed at Fort Bragg, NC in the 507th TAIRCW, a small Air Force unit assigned to the 82nd AirBorne Division
  • Dec 1982, I was stationed at Yokota AB, Japan, as the NCOIC of Material Control in the Air Force Pacific Broadcasting Squadron
  • Jan 1987, I was stationed back at Shaw AFB, SC assigned to the 9th Air Force Logistical War Readiness office, till my honorable discharge from the U.S. Air Force in 1 March 1988
  • Mar 1988, I accepted a computer programming job with Policy Management Systems Corp for 12 years
  • May 2000, I accepted a job with an international company writing web solutions for the airlines
  • Aug 2000, I accepted a position with a company writing web solutions for the insurance industry
  • Jun 2004, I accepted a position with my current employer writing SOA/WOA solutions for the insurance industry who purchased the IT department from my last employer
  • Nov 2008, I was laid off, there were 19 in the business unit that they shut down. 10 accepted another job with a different company, the rest were released
  • Jan 2010, I accepted a job offer. I worked for Dovetail Insurance, an insurance services provider to insurance agencies, until my retirement in Aug 2015
  • Aug 2015, I am currently retired